The Fatigue Free Throws Drill

As we all know, free throws are an important fundamental and must be practiced every day. Free throws can be--and very often are--the difference between a team winning and a team losing.
This drill allows you to combine free throws with conditioning, thus maximizing your gym time. It also simulates game situation free throws as players are shooting them while winded. This is important because free throws late in the game are taken when players are physically spent, which requires more concentration.
How it Works
·         Gather three players and one basketball per hoop. Players need to remember the rotation: Rebound-Run-Shoot.

·         Player 1 goes to the line for two free throws. Player 2 rebounds for Player 1. Player 3 sprints one lap around the outside of the court.

·         Upon completion of the lap, Player 3, now fatigued, steps to the line for two free throws. Player 1 rebounds, Player 2 sprints a lap.

·         The rotation continues for 10 minutes. If you insist that players sprint hard and stay outside the court (no cutting corners), you'll find that the timing works out almost perfectly.

·         Also, after 10 minutes of this drill, the players should be sufficiently winded and will have gotten in about 25 free throws each.


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